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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


We only had about 15 kids come to our house for Halloween. Luckily, we had a killer party to go to so it didn't disappoint us too much. But even the kids that came lacked in the creativity department. Most just wore scary masks and regular street clothes. The little girls were cheerleaders. I found it odd that most of the people on my McScrooge court had their lights off. We have at least 5 kids that live in my culdesac. Where were they this Halloween?

At the party I had a few favorite costumes. I joked recently with a coworker that if I had been pregnant for Halloween I would've gone as Britney Spears or Jamie Lynn Spears. But one ingenious person made a duo-costume for Juno--being Juno and the main guy character which I'm forgetting right now. They both had the costumes down to a T, including wrist bands for running and Sunny D for the baby-momma. My favorite costume was Meg & Pall who went as Mario & Luigi. Best costume I've seen in a long time, but would expect that from the Kunchai's.

I went as Rachael Ray, and Daniel went as EVOO. If we had gone to a Senior Citizens party at the local nursing home, they would've been able to identify Daniel much easier as Olive Oil (Popeye's girlfriend). But given our youthful age, we had to tell everyone who he was. So he dressed in the black skirt and red sweater, pinned back a black wig, and wore a lock around his waist to be "extra virgin". I tucked in my shirt which was the exact style of a Rachael Ray shirt, made my lips extra Jokerish, stuffed a scarf in the butt of my jeans for extra cushion, and carried around a too full bowl of ingredients all around the house. Turns out that the Kunchai's and the Bramell's won for best costume! I was pretty surprised, but of course accepting :) And of course no party was complete this year without Sarah Palin and Joe 6-Pack. Thanks Wakefield's!


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