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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Google eyes

I consistently squinch the same eye when I am avoiding the bright sunlight. I always close my left eye. I began noticing when I was at the pool this summer and usually in the direct sunlight that when I would shut my right eye the colors that I saw were actually a little lighter in color than what I could see out of my left eye. It's hard to tell unless you're in direct sunlight--for instance, I'm trying it right now and not really noticing the difference.

And I know I always squint with the same eye because my left eye stays closed much easier than the right does.

So in the bathroom today at work I happened to catch a view of my face in the mirror as I was turning away. It was sort of a side view of my features and I instantly began to whig out. I think the left eye looks a bit smaller than the right eye. Do you think I've inflicted this on myself by always squinting the same eye?!?!

I'm going to work on both eyes from now on and see if I can't reverse this potential google eye status. Ahhh!

All this and I'm trying to prepare for two really big meetings tomorrow. Priorities,priorities :)


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