Let it be released from the mind

Thursday, October 16, 2008

hair oddities

We're still young enough that our hands should look completely normal. They are not old man hands, that have been scorned by years of labor, and have hair growing out of control on them. At this point we're still manicured and polished.

Don't you hate it when you look down at your hand and see one really out of whack hair? This could pertain to multiple things, including color and length. I just found a black hair on my pointer finger (between my knuckle and that first digit where there's a few light and soft hairs) just hanging out all by itself. Why is it there? Why is it trying to make such a strong statement?

D finds giant long hairs all the time on his hands that he marvels over. He usually plays with them a little bit before ripping them out. How did that one hair accelerate its growth so much? It's like the Andre of hand hairs.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ray Lamontagne last night

If you don't know him, you should. His breathy and soulful voice fills my arms with goosebumps as I lean over the balcony rail. I am 20 feet above him, in box 2 at Strathmore Music center, tapping my hand in triplets to his music. As we look down on to the stage, we are wooed by the melancholy of the slide guitar, and the rhythmic tapping of Ray's right foot.

The whole center of his set list was all new music from the just-released album "Gossip in the Grain", which seems more folkish and rooted than his other two albums.

A person screams "Would you like us to stand up Ray" and he says "Of course, do whatever you'd like, you're just in time to stand up for a ballad". And that, in essence, is Ray.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Weddings of late

A couple of close friends have just tied the knot!
Meg & Pall, post-jet-setting to Alaska to get married on a glacier complete with cramp-ons, returned and had a bash with friends and family in Bethesda. We had a very filling dinner at Mon Ami Gabi before heading to a straight-up dance party at Black Finn bar. I don't think hubby was prepared for the "Step Up 2" dance party but the girls had a kicking time losing our minds with the club music! As you can see, this is apparently the face I make when dancingin group situations...
And this past sunday, Mark Wakefield & Alison Bishop were married at the University of Maryland chapel. Their reception was picturesque at the bumper car pavilion of the historic Glen Echo Park. Alison looked completely angelic in her dress, and Mark wasn't half bad himself :) Honeymoon is postponed until January, so send them a message if you know them!