Let it be released from the mind

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I try to be a little more interesting with my writing and this is what I get...confusion. Sounds about right.

My mom bought a new car this weekend---finally! With that came the possibility of an excellent opportunity to deal with Nissan about a new Altima since she had just bought a Nissan 350Z. So I dealt with them for 5.5 hours about trading in my Altima for a new one, but eventually walked out because they couldn't meet our bottom dollar.

back story: I'm right on the fence of either getting a new car because mine's at 95,000 miles and once you hit 100K your value plummets, or just keeping my Altima for the next 100K (hopefully) and driving it till it dies and has no value. So we're going to pursue the option at one more dealership and see what kind of a deal they can give us, and if it seems worth it will trade it in for a newbie.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pewter turns to gold--shocks all

Pewter is my new gold. In an overwhelming fit of bravery, Petey the Pewter Altima beat out the fresher, younger competitors in a 5.5-hour battle yesterday afternoon. Car dealers sat in awe as Petey pushed forward. No one believed he, or I, had the stamina to last so long. It was a slow and sure race fit for the gods. With seats warming, 6 CD's a-changin', and sun roofs posturing in tilt mode, the novice hipster model didn't stand a chance.

The 94,600 miles made Petey a bit heavy at first. You could tell in his sluggish start that it was going to be a race to the finish. But my words of encouragement really made him rev. In the end, there was no doubt in my mind that the line Petey had drawn in the dirt was what everyone feared crossing. He knew they would fear him and he declared his intentions appropriately (enter seboola thoughts...).

Congratulations, Petey. And welcome home.