Let it be released from the mind

Monday, March 19, 2007

Where did my weekend go?

I believe inside this tacky Guinness hat which I thought I was giving to someone else, but now regretfully lives in my home.

Regardless, the best of friends and the best of times.

And I can't believe we found a leprechaun. The luck of it!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ya Got to be startin' somethin'

"You wanna be startin' somethin', you got to be startin' somethin'"

Note how strange it is when you're running along to some old skool Michael Jackson, and these lyrics pop out to you:

"You're a vegetable, They'll eat off you, You're a vegetable".

Although I've heard this song a million times, and jammed to it each and every time, I never quite paid attention to the fact that he called me a vegetable. The lyrics in between the "You're a vegetable" blasphemy don't sound like words at all though. It sounds like he got something stuck in his cheek and he call me an "a to e" in a semi-mentally retarded state. We will have words today when I take to the pavement. Then I will be startin' somethin'.

Friday, March 09, 2007


I'm so done with this week.

Work has been odd lately. D & I have been in a funk. My car "Service Engine Soon" light came on, again, and this will be disastrous to our finances. I think it's a problem with the catalytic converter and I just called Nissan and the warranty is good for (-)5,000 miles ago. We owe the feds for our taxes. My boyz lost to Miami, whose team can barely dribble a basketball. Bullocks!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Some pictures I always mean to post, but always forget the hook-up for my camera to download them at work:

Killer Mexican Pizza we made--bueno.
Laika looking soooo cute in the snow. The last storm we got was the type of snow that really balled up well so she spent her day catching snowballs, catching the snow that I pushed off my car, and getting massive balls of snow stuck to her beautiful Elvis fringe (the long hair on the back of her legs). At one point she could barely walk because the snow balls were so big.

I spent Saturday with my cuz Kelley hanging out in DC. We visited Eastern Market, which will definitely be a place I will be returning to soon for things like fresh lobster and crawfish ravioli, random cuts of meat in a warehouse, and to practice photography. It's a hotspot for cameras. Afterwards we walked to and visited the National Museum of the American Indian. It was a beautiful day on the Mall--chilly yet brilliantly sunny. We finished the evening with food and drink at RFD and caught the last bit of Seniors night for the Terps. Kick butt today!!

As for the sign about the White Deer Dance, I've decided these are the words I should live my life by. How great an ideal, eh? Dancing makes everything better!